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Welcome to Iron Pixel Studios, your premiere production company in Orlando, Florida. We have an 800 sq. ft. Sound Stage with a Pre-Lit Green Screen Cyc Wall, Podcast Studios, & Edit Bay.

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Iron Pixel Studios - Sound Stage & PodCast Studios

At Iron Pixel Studios, we are more than just a production house. We are a hub for creativity, innovation, and storytelling. Our studio is designed with versatility in mind, accommodating a broad spectrum of projects, from film and television productions, podcast recordings and green screen creations. Our commitment to providing top-tier services and fostering a supportive environment has made us a preferred choice for creators.

Sound Stage
Our 750 sq. ft. Sound Stage comes with a Pre-Lit green screen cyc that's ready with the flick of the switch.

Film & TV Production

Our studio space is ideal for creating everything from indie films to commercials.

Podcast Studio

With proven industry standard equipment, our studio offers the perfect space for podcast creators.

Post-Production Facilities

Our edit bay was designed by an editor and fosters an environment where producers and editor can collaborate and create in the best way possible here.

Field Production

We have a 3 ton grip truck designed to support your location needs as well as production staff who can cover every aspect of your production.

Brands we Have Worked For!

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